Another Day in College…

Well, as I have to wait till Feb. the 12th to continue working on the design of this site… I can do nothing but keep on my diary being up-to-date… so… what’s new 🙂

  1. The work for As Light Dies
    is done… the cover was ready about 2 months ago… and now the album is released! “A Step Through The Reflection”
    is now available at the band’s site….
    and well… Y.E.S… I designed the front and back covers =) … the inside Booklet is designed by the Band’s Guitarist/Vocalist Oscar Martín… and the cover is soon to be in My Gallery…
  2. I’m going to design the cover for the new Lord Shades album :)… directly after graduation… maybe more 3D work and handwork than the one of As Light Dies…

and last… out of 8, one print is ready for my graduation project, and another will be done by tomorrow, and will be placed in my Gallery-to-be after February 12th… sorry all but… I have to go now… back to work tomorrow 🙂


~ by H.Q. on 18 January 2007.

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