Tavngeste!!! H.A.I.L.!!!

Well, here’s something… yesterday, it was the first time for me to have the chance to listen to the Russian Metal band Tvangeste… and right now I feel so bad I didn’t hear about them before!!!! They play an irresistible style of Symphonic Black metal, their instruments might not be of that high quality, but the band has even gone beyond the capabilities of their own sound!!! I started playing the album at 00:15 yesterday… and it kept repeating and repeating till the morning!!! And then I copied it onto a CD-RW and took it with me to college!!!! And now here I am playing it again!!!!!

More than 24 hours of continuous non-stopping pleasure!!!!

Here’s the band’s site, where you can DOWNLOAD their official 2 albums as HQ MP3s… and if you might care to listen to a streaming of some of the band’s songs, then you can go to their page @VampireFreaks, or go to their MySpace profile HERE


~ by H.Q. on 28 January 2007.

One Response to “Tavngeste!!! H.A.I.L.!!!”

  1. Thanks – perfect band indeed! I’ve both of their albums and dying to get their third album as soon as it is released!

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