AT LAST!!!! IT’S OVER!!!!!! The torture at this useless waste of time called “college” is OVER!!! Now I’m freeeeeeeee to do whatever I have to do… I’ll start scanning tomorrow, so the gallery will be ready in no time :)… wish me luck 🙂


~ by H.Q. on 15 February 2007.

2 Responses to “I HAVE GRADUATAED!!!!”

  1. good luck broda` (hermano). Good blog, great cover desing in As light dies cd and better professional modafakaaaaaaaaa. You are a fuckin`genius joder.
    Wishes from Spain and the Republic malformed of eclecticmineraland

  2. thanx for the comment Gasp 🙂
    im so sorry i didn’t reply earlier 😦 my life has become nothing but a crowded ugly mess of deadlines… i was going to reply with an email but, i kept on delaying and re-delaying so.. here i am :$…

    i’m really glad you liked the artwork 🙂 currently i’m working on a nother one for a French Atmospheric Black/Death band called “Lord Shades”… and it’s gonna be done by hand this time, not by PC aid like the first 🙂

    keep on awaking these so-long-dead brains around… i see the Malformation is spreading as it should…

    Malforming in my own Mother-F***N-land…

    Hail brother…

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