An Update on Me…

3days non-sleeping… that’s the best thing that could describe what I’m going through right now… I have a joint exhibition to prepare for on Monday, 30th of April, I designed the poster and was supposed to design the cards as well, but no time is left… as I received a new task to be done on a10-day deadline… the re-designing of the SGP (Small Grants Programme) site, which is a part of the UNDP programs as I recall… the Syrian sub-site is going its own way, and they want a newer, more attractive design… yeah…. Wish me luck on this one!!

On the other hand… I’m still ripping/backing the old “Compact Cassette” deteriorating collection my parents have… and it’s a long boring process… ugh…


One thing I’m happy about, is the results I’m getting with my Zenith camera 🙂 !!! started to scan the Negatives instead of making some hard prints… and the result is quite satisfying 🙂 …. None is gonna be posted until I settle on some good photo hosting site… thinking of Flickr…


Currently Playing:

Hollenthon – With Vilest of Worms to Dwell


~ by H.Q. on 21 April 2007.

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