Breeding hate, spreading, and infecting…

I really don’t know what you have in mind, and probably, no more care to know, but I’m very sure that all that over-loving you tend to give, is helping nothing but increase my hatred… not only towards myself, but towards you, so, if this is not your intention, then please, SHUT THE FU#K UP… cause whatever you think you’re doing, you’re doing it wrong…

You don’t really know how insulted, hateful and humiliated I now feel, and you don’t really have to know, having no one around that you trust.. not even yourself.. the only one whom you used to tell everything is long since dead… 1year, 11months and 7days… I don’t really miss her anymore… or do I miss anything at all?!

I’m so fuckin’ tired, I just can’t sleep. It’s 03:58AM, and I’m sitting here, biting my nails, and even taking the skin off my fingertips with my teeth… a habit that’s still going on since 1998, yeah, who cares…

It’s strange how easily can a strong feeling of love towards someone turn -in a minute- into a stronger feeling of pure destructive hatred… that you even enjoy more than all that “sweet” shit…

What is happening here?! See for yourself, you should be so fuckin blind not to get the idea. Maybe not as blind as I am… but I’ve never heard of someone being “blinder” than another?


Ravens fall as I look down
ghostly feathers are fading
darkened hearts are shining black
and hatred spreads invading

04:24, Friday
08 June 2007


~ by H.Q. on 8 June 2007.

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