Chapter I: Act I: Blind I (v 2.0.2)

For years I’ve searched yet couldn’t find
That ghost of “Love” you built in mind
But then I woke for I was blind
I saw the ghost who stood behind

I searched in vain, hopelessly tried
But now I’ve learnt I better hide

Your false illusion for which I cried
Have made my shield; I’m fortified
I’m no more sad nor petrified
For now I’m healed; my soul has died


I brought you love, and you sold me pain
All was in vain, I’m left and scarred
You did reject the purist soul
You killed me, now I’m underground

But -for revenge- God sent me back
To be your shadow over land

And here I am, I am the ghost
But I am real more than you are
You feel me there when you’re asleep
I haunt the dreams, silence the cries
I suck the wine out of your lips
And drink the tears out of your eyes

Then you awake, you’re petrified
You cry and wish for my demise
It’s all in vain my lovely snake
I am the curse which never dies
I am the wound which never heals
I am the dark slaying the skies
I’m here to watch your bitter end
And make you pay back for your lies


God, I am done, well, take me now
My love has died, so shall my ghost
“Well, no my dear” God says to me
“You are the damned, everly lost
You’re cursed for you were ever blind
You want revenge? You’ll pay the cost”


And here I am, I am The Blind
I am as real as you can’t be
You’ll feel me; sure, I’ll be within
I’ll close your eyes and hide the key
Then watch you search for love and fail
Then you avenge; you’re cursed as me…

02:48 AM


~ by H.Q. on 29 June 2007.

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