Chapter II: Act II: Hamshahri Holocaust Cartoons And Caricatures (God’s Reply)

Oh ye ugly creatures…
as i was wrong the moment i created you, so shall i take your souls with my own hands!!! or… well… you know… i won’t need to!!!

it’s only a matter of time, and you’re gonna kill each living creature on this sucking planet!!!

i could never imagine that i could create such a gang of hollow-coasts and hollow-heads….

just mind your own business, and leave religions alone… after all, i’m not the one who told the “prophets” to go all the way to call for a “pray”!!!! but they thought they were doing well… and right now… your prophets do no longer exist… as i don’t intend to make a heaven and Hell in the first place!!! YOU just deserve NEITHER…. YOU deserve to VANISH… and so will be…

and YOU… who think that “NO GOD CAN SIGN A BLOG”!!! YES I CAN… i am the one who created YOU!!! REMEMBER!!!! so how can’t i make my comment!!!!

you filthy believers…. and you filthy non-believers… just watch your step so you don’t fall… cause i am no longer watching over you….

Humans are a waste of time…

i’m creating Hamsters for the time being….

16 August 2006, 02:23:59


~ by H.Q. on 29 June 2007.

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