Chapter III: Act I: Dreams

Dreams, have stepped up into another level of complication, a higher one, far beyond our “everyday” realism, reaching a completely different range of higher resolution shapes, geometries, and enhanced logical reactions. The brain has just stopped building upon materials from the “Real” world, it started creating its own separate “reality”, no more using the same old characters, no more using the ready-made scenes from actual “Existing” places… the platform is all “New and Improved”… like testing the new enhanced Beta version of the “Matrix”, once you wake up, everything you see in your dreams gets instantly mixed within your permanent memory, and gets its own time tag, getting integrated seamlessly into your “Real World” experiences…

The Brain is simply leaving the “Influences Era” and preparing to make a radical jump to the “Creative Era”…
while no more building on existing pre-installed models, the Brain has made a huge difference, starting from the perfect re-collection of info, to create the most perfect creature you could NEVER dream of… to creating these visually complicated, colour-rich, hi-res geometry, fully rendered complete cities! All made up of pure originality, never using any portion of the existing modules.
People’s reactions are improved, being totally controlled from the “Outside” of the Brain. They’re as real as everything else in the wake, with one advantage; scents, flavours, feelings… all are experienced in a deeper way in dreams, and leaving a deeper effect after waking up than the “Real-life” experiences…

It seems like it’s only a matter of time before all tests are complete, so we finally get re-allocated up onto the newer versions of these “Real” servers… currently, all it needs to take you there is an eternal sleep…

Hopefully so soon…

30 March 2007


~ by H.Q. on 29 June 2007.

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