Chapter III: Act IV: Random Questions…

 Q: Why am I so miserable?

A: Today I was virtually hugged by a virtual stranger..
B: Strangers cannot be virtual; they ARE strangers!
A: Yeah… right…
B: So, you we’re “virtually” mugged?!
A: Do you mind?
B: Well, yeah!! …. Usually…
A: !!!???
B: What!!?
A: JUST MIND THE &*%@#&^%@ OFF!!!!

Q: Why do all Melissa’s come with the “Sweet” prefix?

  1. Cause they ARE sweet!
  2. That’s a song’s name… or was it a virus?!
  3. What did you expect? A “Sour” Melissa?!
  4. That usually is caused by a parasynthetic phenomenon of which ….. *** a shooting is heard in the background, the sound of a rigid body hitting the floor… silence…***

Q: Why do I ALWAYS have to get disconnected a billion times an hour?!

  1. You’re using a 33.6 –sometimes 38.6, dial-up provided by a sucking ISP…
  2. So you experience how the fellas from Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Papua New Guinea go through their day…
  3. You like it don’t ya 😀 ?!!
  4. Just stop pressing that “Disconnect” button for a while!!!
  5. Welcome to Syria!!!


July 1, 2007


~ by H.Q. on 2 July 2007.

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