Chapter IV: Act I: Sweet Pumpkin Lullaby

A Tribute to LOCOENG from and his cute little boy, a BIG THANK YOU for the inspiration 🙂 :bow: :bow: :bow:

They carve in Pumpkins
they look so Bright
But they will eat your Mom tonight!!!

So be alarmed
and be awake
as they now come for Mom to take!!!

They look so cool
In red and green
They make her think she’ll be their queen

But once it’s dark
And once it’s cold
They sell her soul for Satan’s gold

They lift her high
Far from the ground
Make sacrifice on the nearest cloud

They take her heart
Capture her soul
And leave her corpse, to the earth she falls


While orange crows
Consume her flesh
Our carver- beasts now make their dish

They slice her heart
To smaller bits
Add onion, orange, salt and nits

They mix them well
Then add some wine
And now they wait for The Undivine

“Feed well my kin”
Old Hornie says
“I need you for my future frays”

And while they feed
He nearly smiles
Thinks for himself, and then he cries!

“As when I’m done
I’ll kill you all”


Oh poor Belial
you do not know
your end is near, it’s sure but slow…

These goofy beasts
what they have done
Will put an end to The Evil One

This virgin’s soul
is clear and pure
as same as a sixty years old whore!!!

She has this only
Son of which
we commonly call a “Son of a Bitch”!!!

He’s six years old
and he’s with me
He tries to sleep but why can’t he?!

Is that cause of
something I’ve said?
Who cares!? You both are already dead!!!

July 2, 2007


~ by H.Q. on 2 July 2007.

One Response to “Chapter IV: Act I: Sweet Pumpkin Lullaby”

  1. Nice lyrics, man! 😀

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