Hatred always succeeds at being so precise and well-defined…

…Too bad love fails at such precision.


~ by H.Q. on 28 October 2007.

4 Responses to “29/10/2007”

  1. Au contraire H.Q…

    ‘Those who hate most fervently must have once loved deeply; those who want to deny the world must have once embraced what they now set on fire…’ said someone sometime…

  2. i really don’t know how does that have to be contradictory to what i’ve said… i haven’t denied the love that once conquered, even if for a short period, but i was only astonished by the fact that all this good power it holds in you, can suddenly turn into a destructive corrosive force, that’s even stronger and better shaped than the one it came from!!
    all the days and months you’ve spent, delicately and tenderly building up a heart, all turn into hollowness, and you’re left again with a mean, merciless, sarcastic mind, that can’t stop laughing at you, and laughing at her, for she’s been so blind and stupid, making her own conclusions on things that never happened, and hiding them from you, until all was brought down to hell; 4 months later she confesses, only to find out she was blind wrong, but it’s over for her now, and possibly for you… you really don’t want to live with someone who’s far more “blind” than you are… or do you?

    she was overly blinded by her own illusions to a point that she didn’t see how much she really meant to you, EVERY SINGLE CREATURE on planet Earth knew that, and every single creature believed you… while she didn’t even notice…

    it’s not that i’m claiming to “feel” hatred towards anyone, it’s just the fact that, once we hate, we know EXACTLY who it is, and what we’re gonna do… but once we love, we fall in endless circles not knowing what to do, what is she thinking of, or even who the hell she is!!!

    it’s either females are highly complicated to a sick degree, or males are simply plain stupid to an even sickier level…

    maybe both are true.


  3. well, that is WRONG … this kind of love that you’re talking about is what you find in fairy tales and cheap, second rate teen agers’ love stories… where LOVE “is all around you, and so the feeling grows” and when “you feel it in your fingers, you feel it in your toes … blah”.. when you walk with all those heart-shaped red bubbles and pink teddy bears are flying around your head … eyes open wide … tongue is reaching your chest … and you’re dying for only one glance from her long-eyelashes-cartoon-like big eyes… thus, you’re more like a pet to your girl than a MAN … love dear is something else … you have to wait… you’ll meet hundreds of girls… you’ll live with them, spend time, have sex, adventures …. whatever .. and if you lucky enough (and this doesn’t happen to everyone)then you MIGHT find your girl … and it’ll not be at the first sight as they keep telling you on tv … one day (maybe after knowing her for long time) you’ll look at her.. and you will know … that she IS the one … the one who could feel and touch your inner soul and who could reach and float around your darkest corners… the one who comes at the time of chaos to settle your world down … the one that you can breath the same air with … the woman that you can talk to as if you’re talking to yourself (because blaming any girl that she destroyed your world after she could read you like an open book because you were soooo honest with her and you told her everything about yourself including your weaknesses -of course- and then you or she fucked up everything and you had the worst depressing break down ever because you were so vulnerable and easy to break …. then blame yourself for your stupidity and naievity (I am not talking about you of course.. this is in general haha ) so, whatever bullshit you have inside … if you think it is valuable, then keep the wisdom away from those who dont deserve it… and if you feel the need to share it with somebody, then dont worry… the RIGHT one will know everything by herself …. oh god .. on the other hand … hatred is the strongest and purest force ever that could shake the world … it is not always a bad thing ….. so, if you deprive what I have written from all the cheesyness … maybe you’ll find some meaning between the lines .. I cant write anymore … I am bored …. adieus …

  4. wondering why i haven’t replied yet?
    the sick “Spam Chaser” from the service provider had tagged your comment as “Spam”!!! and didn’t even notify me?! how clever!!

    @StarGazer (as if i didn’t know who you are :p!), thanx bro!! though what you said has nothing to do with what i did say! but still it IS right, i don’t remember saying anything of that “DreamLand FairyTale Pink-Puppy-Go-Crazy” kind of “Love”, and remember, you’re talking to someone who knows well about Chemicals, hormones, neurons and brainwashing that he forgot all about these “Love stories” almost as he became 14yo..

    10 lines erased…

    1 more line erased… cheesh!!! i AM bored too!!! Sayonara..

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