…Updates x Downdates…

You’re scared… YOU ARE scared… disgusted… worried? Maybe not…

Dreams are flattened, hopes? Delayed… you’re not sad, neither do you seem to care, not even care… to continue thinking about how you’re going to finish this sentence…

Too many things that you regret, you can’t stop thinking, as if thinking is going to change anything…
Do they even care to remember?

Chaotic, as usual, but with uselessness… chaos has never prevented you from being well-organized, in a chaotic way, maybe, but still organized… there was a time when you could take full advantage of each single second you spend… but now… you’re even failing at enjoying the waste of the days…


Sealed, for a later use… hopefully…

Tuesday May 6, 2008


~ by H.Q. on 18 May 2008.

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