A Visa to Oman…

Oh well..

The News:

1st of all, I arrived to Oman (Al Buraimi) on Friday 23rd for my Visa exchange, i was supposed to be out by Sunday, that’s why i could handle the stinky hotel (Hotel?!) and the hollow days… but well… nothing goes according to plan… or does it?!

Well, in brief, the Visa isn’t issued yet, i don’t know what’s the delay for… It’s supposed to be out today -even yesterday, but let’s ignore that for once- but, it’s 7:15 now so, even if i get it anytime today, I still can’t checkout cause it’s already too late, the last time allowed for a checkout is 7:00 pm,

It seems that i have to wait till tomorrow, the times for checkout are between 3:00 – 7:00 pm.. so well… it’s just another day gone down the drain… let’s wait and see how this story is supposed to end…

Oh well.. in a quick look around me though… i think i should be a little optimistic… we have this lady here who’s been waiting for 15 days… another guy with us in the room is in his 24th day… and we have this 95 years old guy who’s celebrating his 9th Anniversary!!! nobody has been here for less than a week!!! and the tea is good… Oh lucky me!!!!

Everything is really crazy around me… everyone is shouting… everyone is so frustrated… Oh… and the Internet Cafe… it SUCKS!!!…

I’m trying not think of anything cause it’s only gonna cause headaches for everyone… so… I’ll keep you all updated…

Hint: If you are really considering an Exchange VIsa someday… get yourself a few Novels, an mp3 player with at least 4GB of memory, and you might consider buying a Gameboy for the ugly times…

Oh… and

Welcome to Oman!!!


~ by H.Q. on 26 May 2008.

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