Dragonwhales are dizzy… Fire flies where no one have ate before… Oh Holy Svveetness…

As Earl Grey leaves leave their lovely distinct footprint in your Cortex, you try to fight the headache; mercilessly attacking your frontal lobe. Tea is getting colder, and so is your blood, your headache is still the same, only now you can see with a bit less blurriness, you finish this sentence, then add a period.

And now you go one line down, comma, another comma, and yet another comma. and a full stop.

You only miss the days when your brain used to function, something is different now, your language is still “degrading” in the matter of vocabulary and the quality of your composition, a thing that you must’ve noticed clearly in this very post.

but then, you still have no other choice… maybe this is the only way you force your brain to forget… the only way to kill that 24 years old headache, or at least prevent it from getting stronger…

But then again, you still have no idea… you’ll never do… as long as I keep on erasing the lines…




Then erased…

Monday, 30 June 2008


~ by H.Q. on 30 June 2008.

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