Dreams on a Tues’ Day…

It’s quite strange how 10-second-dreams can leave such an effect on us, such an instant, deep impact, much more than that of what “real life” events leave on us, no matter how long, exciting or action-packed they seem to be…
It is this seconds-long flash, that goes through your mind in a daydream, that brings back memories, and gives you the chance to re-live moments you thought are long forgotten; it recreates whole scenes, and brings in all those, whom are missed, then gives you the sign to enjoy this short lived reality you were dying for…

Ten seconds… I would give my whole life to live them again…

“Some things were never there to begin with
objectivity is truth denied

Apply layers to reality
things only you can see
add a beat to normality
to tap the core of insanity…

21 Oct. 2008


~ by H.Q. on 21 October 2008.

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