Comfortably Numb, Dubai 2009

January the 8th, 2009… the time is 22:42… we’re having a nice glass of wine in a pretty cold night at the Churchill’s Bar, Dubai … the English (or Aussie) couple ** I’ll get their names later :p ** playing some good ol’ Rock & Blues…

And then, here it comes… Pink Floyd, Comfortably Numb…

I Loved it… been some time since I last heard a tune from the Floyd…



~ by H.Q. on 21 January 2009.

2 Responses to “Comfortably Numb, Dubai 2009”

  1. Love Pink Floyd… 🙂

    Still, mine (and nowdays also passed to my son) favorites are and always will be -Metallica-.
    In july-09 we both will attend a guitar hero concert;

    • Hello Karl!!!

      Been away and busy for some time now… I know I should’ve replied earlier…

      I wish I could go to Metallica this year, “Death Magnetic” -eventhough not THAT good, but has proven to be a good step back on the right track for Metallica… and now they’re gaining my support again 🙂

      and of course… Pink Floyd is incomparable to anyone… but now that Rick Wright is gone… I just hope Waters, Mason & Gilmour will do some move in his honour… and maybe that’ll be my chance to see them live… or at least three of them…

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