Happy Birthday…

Good Morning Angel!

I just wanted to be the first to wish you a Happy Birthday…

Nothing much has changed… Nothing much is going on either… well, maybe there is… But does it even matter anymore?

4 years have passed… 4 Fucking Years…
and you are still missed…

1:31 a.m.
July 2nd, 2009

:UPDATE: 3:27 p.m. July 2nd, 2009

As if one loss was not enough on this both Blessed and Damned day… This day, I’ve Lost My Life… and once again, this day… I’ve lost my job…

What shall I do Angel?… What shall I do…

I know what you are going to say… I just don’t want to know it, but want to hear you say it… For how long am I supposed to wait until you take me to you…


Forever young… Forever Eighteen…
July 2nd 1987 – July 2nd 2005
Isabella “Crabgurl”


~ by H.Q. on 2 July 2009.

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