In a Dream…

It is a strange world that grows in the night.. Inside our heads.. Inside our dreams…
You wake up with a smile that’s not yours..
Was it stolen? Red lips of a broken angel?.. Was it someone you met? a virtual hug from a virtual stranger?

No one knows..
No one cares..
They just can’t wait to open their eyes, to enter the light, to kill the dream, to slay those who can never sin.. But I..

I just can’t wait for the night to reign.. Enter the shade.. Shut my eyes, shut my brain and shut my senses, lock me up in this magical work of mind, see me searching, seeking, falling, failing.. see me fly, see me play this heavenly music.. see me wait for my angel to descend..

And then I wait..

And then I wait..

But dead angels don’t fly.. Even if it’s your own fuckin’ dream…


22/02/2008, 00:02


~ by H.Q. on 18 August 2009.

2 Responses to “In a Dream…”

  1. That’s really great man.

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