I am the grey…
I am the human canister in which the opposites unite, deep within my vacuum core words have lost their meanings, and definitions are yet to be defined.

Life is a statistical peak in chaos, and death is the norm, good and bad are relative to the receiver, while right and wrong are relative to the one who gives, love and hate are one, black and white are none, night is the only time when you can see the unlight, and darkness is the only state in which you see beyond the illusion of the eyes.

I exist, even if you can’t see me now, just close your eyes and jump beyond the space, beyond the sane edge of the mortals, hold your breath and dive deep into me, down into the void of all colour, the silence of all light, down, into a darker shade of grey…


… and the grey is I


12th Jan. 2010


~ by H.Q. on 12 January 2010.

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