Of Demi-sentences and Half Words…

I don’t want to see you fade… I don’t want to watch you die…

It might’ve been for the best; the way you left, dead or alive, it won’t make a difference, you’re gone either ways…
All I know, is I have this image in mind, this perfect smile…


But maybe, after all, I was just the perfect illiterate not to read within your words, I just know it was all a very big misunderstanding to start with… but come on! The only reason I’m still alive, is that I misunderstood the whole thing… she was a messenger… she just delivered what she had for me… a soul… just like everybody else…

And later, they all had to leave their own way…


God, don’t you think it would’ve been nicer if you did it all old-style? Why couldn’t you just make it all built-in the moment I opened my eyes to this waste of a world?
A soul, a meaning and a heart… they were given only to be taken back… do you really have something to prove? I don’t think there’s anything for me in it, so maybe it’s something for you, to prove to the all-mighty self of yours?
Yep, I know it’s been some time since we last talked, I know, me so busy, you just, not being there, all the time… or is it just cause I didn’t really need you? Is that how we evaluate things? Need?

Distracted, chaotic, purposeless, skinny shade of grey… only getting skinnier… and hopefully closer to an end… Can’t you just “undo” a creation? I’ll be glad to be your guinea pig!! Am I not but one anyway?

I’m done…



06,March, 2010


~ by H.Q. on 6 March 2010.

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