At a Loss for Words…

Simplicity ruled one aching heart
For twenty years he lived in pain
He sought out but the broken souls
And them he found, and them he slain

Then one midnight one angel dies
Unveiling lies of a world mundane
For once he lost what life once meant
Is he but a wheel in a moving train

As she fell down so fell his faith
And a wake of reason hit his brain
Now complex scripts control his mind
They drove him blind, mad and insane

Misunderstanding lines of code
Miscommunicating down the chain
is all he does, is all he knows
is he but an aimless human stain

Simplicity ruled one simple heart
for twenty years he lived in vain
and now he’s dead, God shirked his soul
One mammal down, one man disdain

From his grey flesh our earth is formed
And from his tears there shall be rain
His blood runs down into the soil
And deep it flows into our veins

And from his voice disformants growl
discordance, over fainting strains
as crows fly low lifting his shade
under dead wings; his final wain

one final trip my sinful friend
distant from all our mangled plains
thy ashes shall be mixed with light
as darkness dwells were you had lain

As complex lies consume our ghosts
We brag and blindly think we reign
Simplicity killed one lonesome crow
But from our dust, he’ll rise again…

20th April 2010


~ by H.Q. on 20 April 2010.

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