In the Absence of Light, We Learn to Un-See the Darkness…

I live through your hate, for I am the fathomless well where your secrets drown… I chain your blinded mind as I suck the nectar out of your poisonous dreams, playing the angel on the shoulders of your enemies and yours, reinforcing hostility with innocent negation, and watching hatred turn to fury…

I live through your rage, stepping over your anger and reaching closer to the softer fragile shell inside, I silence your cries of vengeance, but never kill the blood-lust, I leave you numb, addicted, aching for a shot of goodwill to tame the avenging animal within, I watch you beg, and mutely cry behind curtains of darkness …

I live through your tears, and with bare feet I walk onto the broken glass of your shattered heart, and as my blood unites with your remains, a new shape takes form, a hybrid heart moulds from your recycled soul, a wingless bird, scared of leaving his cage…

…and through your fear I’m immortalised, for I, The Fearless, now lead the blind…

05 May 2010


~ by H.Q. on 5 May 2010.

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