A Recollection of Dust, Ash and Other Greys…

Collecting dust, wind, and second-hand, pre-owned garbage bags…

Got myself one nice offer; a dog-headed god offered me a plastic bag with my head in! “In exchange” he grinned “I shall have some… TWENTY FIVE YEARS worth of memories!!!”… I couldn’t refuse such an offer, it was, literally, a no brainer; for my head, after all, was in the bag!!
So he handed me the bag, and took away the memories… I was happy, it was the first time I see me face to face! So I threw the head in the trash, and made me a nice plastic raincoat!!!

But it never rains here, not under his sight… in this endless desert, it will never rain… Not until you find your way back into this little cage of mine…

Sun 13:41
May the 16th 2010

:Edit: by H.Q.
Thu 23:52
May the 20th 2010


~ by H.Q. on 16 May 2010.

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