And My Curse on Flocks Doth Fly…

Cursed be the ones who made me leave you beautiful two… and leave my family, my friends, and everything I held dear back home….

I pray this holy night for them to get the worse, for they have broken families, hearts, and smiles of best friends, ruined lives and futures, and ruined all that hope once meant…

I swear, and God is my witness, that they shalt rot on this Earth before they’ll meet the worse to come in their afterlife… Damned for all eternity, for they have taken a life away, they have taken the life of him who forgives not… If God has mercy, then he shalt hold it back from those who deserve not his mercy, for they have killed the souls and left the hollow bodies of us thousands to wander aimlessly under alien skies…

I pray for them to suffer a lifetime for every moment we missed a loved one, to bleed dry tenfold for every tear we’ve dropped, for I can feel no mercy for them who’ve grown nothing but hatred, greed and envy in their black hearts, or whatever carcass is left of it …

21 August 2010 at 21:18


~ by H.Q. on 2 October 2010.

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