Can I Leave Now…

I’m done…

A total loss of vocabulary, a broken grammar and a pain of the soul… Disoriented, confused and nearly fainting, I can hardly see through the nonexistent thin layer of air separating me from my screen, I’m aging, I’m failing, I’m losing my mind, and the only true friend I have is a twisted melody of a funeral dance.

Why can I not speak my heart out, why am I still stuck in these ancient manners of a mummified pharaoh, what good have they brought me but the lifeless state of the clown I am, what good have I brought to myself but being a tool for others to survive, is this what I deserve for neglecting myself, is this what I deserve for being the lamb I am…

I’m done…

Thursday, 12th May 2011


~ by H.Q. on 12 May 2011.

3 Responses to “Can I Leave Now…”

  1. Hello H. 🙂

    Where to?!!

    Lets see if you still remember me.

    • Where to? ANYWHERE BUT HERE 😛

      Of course I remember you, mish Souhair bint khalto im Naser?! Weenkon! Keefkun! Sho il akhbar?!

  2. I can understand that completely, this idea crossed my mind a lot:) bas the question is it to escape or to explore the unknown?! Nehna hon, it’s only the busy days..where are you working now? I enjoyed reading your blog, keep up the good work!! please say hi to your brothers for me, specially Zeco, he remembers this name for sure:)

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