This My Hades…

You, on the other side of the night, my newborn morning has been announced dead on arrival, and my tomorrow has already been rendered wasted…

Reason helps not those with anger, sanity helps not those in pain, only the loss of patience can bring you change, as dreams forgone open wide the gates for hate to conquer, taking over this my faceless innocence, unleashing my Cerberean self to spew out fire into the hull of the soulless shells of them; the ignorant illiterates; controlling the wheels in motion…

Yet it all ends somehow —that I know, thus I wait…

Wed. 12th Oct. 2011


~ by H.Q. on 12 October 2011.

One Response to “This My Hades…”

  1. With patience, good shall come. ❤ Just breathe… xoxo

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