Out of Gamut

Sad is this day, the day we all got used to the limited virtual colour range, all we see now is sRGB tagged, and all we hold has a best-matching Pantone cloned -again- especially for it… We have an entire new generation that cannot see beyond 16 million colours, and thinks that Amber is the pale orange-yellow shade they see on their iPads…

“Rich” and “Vivid” are what we see when we push the saturation and brightness levels up to +100… We break our surroundings down into their RGB values yet always fail to recreate the shapes, we block the sun rays with our expensive shades, and desaturate chlorophyll to match our cheap printer’s CMYK colour profile. We’ve lost our shadows and dropped them behind gradient squares and badly-crafted lines of code, we’ve sacrificed the hot summer air in exchange for the recycled smog we get from our A/C’s, and gave up our 4-hours game of football for a 15-minute match with virtual hogs and motionless sloths, gulping gallons of acidic flavoured water and devouring mashed corpses of birds and other insects fried or grilled with a choice of one of three indifferent artificial chemicals.

What else have we left for the little monkeys inheriting our dumpsters and dead-ends? What is it that matters, that we have left for the unborn poets to ponder upon, and the stillborn dreams to nurture in? Why do we even bother breathe? Why is it so hard to lift your head up and check the starless sky for one more time? Why is he staring at us? And why is he laughing? Why is it so cold withinside? And when does the whole sick game end?…

Sat, 4th Feb. 2012


~ by H.Q. on 4 February 2012.

3 Responses to “Out of Gamut”

  1. Well written and important for people to think about.

  2. I still do….

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