In a world of stolen words we live, in an age of copying thoughts, in a time where everyone has something to say, but none has a thing to do but spitting out them words they utter…

I speak not but of my own self, I speak not but the words out of which I bleed, and with the same words this web I weave, to catch you, the lost, the blind, the fractured flies of a human race…

Speak, shout and scream, for that is what they want you to do, they sold you letters and syllables, and they bleached this grey matter of yours so you no longer know, no longer feel, no longer do what apes should do…

Shut up and live, and speak up once your words do matter, once your words do change, once your words are more than a copycat of a torn schoolbook on an altar of hate…

Mon. 09/04/2012


~ by H.Q. on 9 April 2012.

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