A New Day Dawning

It’s brewed from the ashes of the last Raven-Phœnix, the one who opened the eyes of the blind, then shut her own; never to awaken, never to rise again…

What a beautiful day! To my fellow mortals; humans, cats, ravens, crows, angels and phœnix. To my fellow illusionists, craftsmen, musicians, artists, geeks, warriors, poets and rebels. To the hopeless, the honest, the sad, the ugly, the moron, the sane, the dead, the brave and the wicked. To those waiting to live, to those wanting to die and to those now watching over us. To YOU, the prisoner of your own virtual cell, locked up behind curtains of smog and walls of multi-touch displays, to YOU, once the dreamer, now the nightmare chaser. To everything that breathes, and everyone who no longer does, such a wonderful day to waste, such a glorious day to kill, such a good day to die…

Tue. 22 May 2012


~ by H.Q. on 22 May 2012.

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