Never in my conscious existence have I imagined that someone can be brought into my life, and then be taken away in an instant… It hurts… It fucking hurts…
This is the one you cannot see, the one who hides, the one you’ll never hear, the one who lurks in the shadows of his own smile, the one with a black hole for a heart, a black hole for a mind, and three black holes for eyes…
An unexplainable feeling of guilt for a sin I haven’t yet committed, and a haunting sense of shame that I can’t run away from… What Have I done to deserve this…
You can feel your insides getting torn apart… And then you wish it was for real… You wish you could just leave this fucking hell…
You can feel hatred filling the void within, as anger crawls out of your blackness tickling your fingertips… You want to kill, and you know your target… He’s right here… Inside of me… Oh how I wish I could slit his throat…
Do you realise how much I hate you?
Do you know how hard it is to laugh while you have nothing but pure fucking hatred inside?


~ by H.Q. on 27 May 2012.

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