Evadere infinitum: Hawking Radio-salvation

The deeper you dig in this chaotic mass of thoughts, the stronger the gravitational pull of your grey matter becomes, sucking in all the dark words you want said, drying the black ink off the sentences you want written down, and negating the third face of what once was a trinity. And the closer you think you’re drawing to the balance you sought out, the further you find yourself falling, down to the compressed space-time of your black-hole mind, where your existence collides with your illusions, nullifying both, and your dark thoughts clash with your conceptual being, producing artifacts of anti-matter and emitting rays of black light, only to be pulled back in beyond the event horizon, where your memory—or what is left of it—gets scrambled and randomly scattered all over your multi-word DNA deviations.

An absolute erasure of data in its physical form, a 40,960 bit encryption in a quark-plasma cloud, and you thought you were too alone? Wait until you meet singularity…

Sun. 3 June 2012


~ by H.Q. on 3 June 2012.

One Response to “Evadere infinitum: Hawking Radio-salvation”

  1. Wow!

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