In Search for a Piece of Soul: A Scar Odyssey

You greet the pellucid walls of thin air and redundant space, scanning them with blurry eyes, it has been some time since the two of you had a genuine conversation.

I know you gave up on planning, for it seemed not to ever work, but there’s this someone, this out-of-the-Matrix individual, who makes the relative heaviness of the burden of time dedication feel relatively bearable, yet absolutely worthwhile.

I don’t think time matters when it comes to these few, these singularities, these ones of a kind, the ones you never knew yet yearn to unite back with, the ones whom lifelines shall interweave with yours—or thus you aspire—, the ones who found their way out of the headless crowds amongst which they were raised, the ones who follow not, neither lead the herd, but stray away from the paths once paved by their forefathers, finding their own destiny, sculpting their own future, and seeing you in it.

It is for the one who makes you sway your quill with binary thoughts and scribe them onto the frail walls of imaginary space, the one who makes your ashen heart of a leopard-hawk reclaim its colour and ache again with melodies of alien hopes, the one who makes you render undying structures of concrete dreams and artificial realms for the barren minds and forlorn souls, and see a reflection of a human form in these shattered mirrors of age; a form that has been replaced by an abhorrence of an infernal shape since the departing of faith.

And you thought it was the time you got back to erasing. But I think not, my friend, for it is time you rewrote your fate.

“Guardians, down the hills they march
and blackness they beset
As watchmen eye them from afar
and havoc they beget

Seize them words of baleful bile
blighting this my fit
for now I ride to earn them scars
and them I shan’t regret”

Mon. 18th June 2012


~ by H.Q. on 18 June 2012.

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